About This Blog

I suppose I have to have some kind of, “Mission Statement” writ large as a soliloquy from Shakespeare to tell the world here what I intend these effervescent ramblings to signify. Okay, here goes:

I want to help you solve problems in creative, entertaining, and fulfilling ways. Sound good?

– To muse about the many opportunities for us to achieve greater significance in our lives, every day.

– To provide helpful, creative, and easy-to-understand solutions to problems that arise on iOS and Mac OS X devices.

– To wax poetic / geek out on all things Apple.

– To occasionally write philosophical diatribes.

– To draw attention to and share my love of interesting films, music, and books.

– To use plentiful verbiage in ‘rating’ beers and wines from all over the globe (but primarily from my adopted-native California)

– To provide a steady stream of crazy ideas.

And probably more besides. Thank you for reading along.

One thought on “About This Blog

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