About Joel

Hi there.

I am a person living and working in beautiful San Diego, CA.

I do stuff that some people find fascinating and a source of endless conversation.

Video Producer & Director l

• High proficiency with Apple Mac OS X & iOS
• Training and teaching, helping others understand technology
• Excellent written & verbal communication
• Detail-oriented, imaginative approach to solving problems
• Organized & dedicated to exceptional work

Specialties: Advanced knowledge of Mac OS X, Improvisational Skills, Writing, Video formats and editing, Developing systems and procedures to improve efficiency. I do voices, too.

The mission statement of this blog follows below.

I want to help you solve problems in creative, entertaining, and fulfilling ways.

– To muse about the many opportunities for us to achieve greater significance in our lives, every day.

– To provide helpful, creative, and easy-to-understand solutions to problems that arise on iOS and Mac OS X devices.

– To wax poetic / geek out on all things Apple.

– To occasionally write philosophical diatribes.

– To draw attention to and share my love of interesting films, music, and books.

– To use plentiful verbiage in ‘rating’ beers and wines from all over the globe (but primarily from my adopted-native California)

– To provide a steady stream of crazy ideas.