Don’t forget I’m here for you

No matter what your going through

Don’t forget I’ll be around

Even when your feeling down

But you don’t know how much I love you

And you don’t know how much I care

But you don’t seem to notice

I’ll always be there

Be there……….. No matter where

Those feelings that you feel are wrong

But where have all those feelings gone

I wish I could tell you why you have all this in your life

And there’s a time we find there’s something different in our minds

But don’t forget I’m here for every pain and every tear

Be Sure to go and check out Surviving Monday if you’re into the Emo Punk scene and want to know what kind of drivel they’re coming up with in Dayton, OH.

So, this is how my day went in essence:

Wake up at 9 AM, get ready for church, pick up Heidi and proceed to the House of the Lord.

Experience Church from 10 AM until noon, basically.

Ingest large amounts of food between 1 and 2 PM respectively, this is after reading ads from the Sunday paper.

Take a nap whilst watching SpiderMan the Movie from 2 to 4 PM.

Take Heidi to work at 5:30, go to Mike’s house and watch the Jets clobber the Chargers, go to Men’s Group from 7:30 PM to 9:30Pm, pick up Heidi afterwards and take her home, go and watch Princess Mononoke with Mike.

Whooooooo, what a trippy movie, and some of the best gosh darned animation you’ll ever see in a film in your lifetime buster brown.

‘K, I’m awfully tired now, and I believe that I have something important to do tomorrow- er… today, something dto do with “living a life” or something dumb like that. Later crimpy swong plongs.

Joel Soul Bowl Knoll Dole Troll Prole Scroll Foal Hole Goal Bull Vole Coal Mole Null Sole Shoal Pull Skull Stroll ‘ol Mull

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