Wow. What a day and a half. It has been so many hours since I popped out of bed like a dead grasshopper that I can’t seem to remember the last time I had a good shower. I feel like a smelly toad.

Well, let’s start at the end and end at the start, shall we?

Just an hour ago, I was at Taco B. with Mike and Heidi, we ate, we talked, we stared at various inanimate objects, and we made idle banter. Mike seemed kinda self-absorbed, which he has been for a couple of days now. I wonder what’s going on? He won’t SAY anything, he just seems to be mute all of the time. Heidi is tired, she’s had a long day just like I have, she needs to go to bed but she’s still up, working on a computer right next to mine. Silly girl 🙂

Before all of this happened I was at Youth Group. It was really great tonight, Mike and Jeremy and I performed the latest skit, and it was fairly well-recieved, we got some laughs and several kids told me they liked it a bunch. I dunno, I really didn’t feel as into it as I should have felt, probably mainly because I kept having to read off of the dang script and it was messing up my concentration of being in character.

Worship and the message which Justin Edwards gave were really good. Justin spoke about being active and alive in YG and applying ourselves with whole-hearted enthusiasm for the Word and the lost. It was convicting, especially since I was sooooo tired the whole time, and I was fighting to keep from getting too comfy on the couch which I was sitting on. It seemed to be calling out to me for me to sleeeeeeeeeppp. Afterwards I got some sugar and a little caffeine in me and I was right as rain.

Before all of this happened I had been writing the skit. I kinda got cut loose by Mike to write it on my own. He sent me an email with suggestions which I incorporated in my own words… so basically I wrote this week’s skit. It was fun, but lonely, lacking the really fun creative spark you get from being around another cool creative person and coming up with ideas together. I hope Mike starts to feel better, and I hope I can be a better stinking friend and actually call him up to do stuff. I never do that anymore… I feel like a chump nowadays because my time is taken up with all manner of things and I have to pick and choose which ones seem the most important to me at the time.

Well, before all of this I had been at Photography class, and nothing much happened there so we won’t talk about it, because all of my film got messed up and I’m kinda sensitive when it comes to discussing my negatives. Thankyou.

Anyhow, before all of THAT drivel happened I was with Heidi at Meijer getting my worthless film developed. I HATE MEIJER. Heidi drove my van around which was funny because she has no license and it is therefore illegal for her to drive anywhere in any vehicle.

Alrighty, before that I was eating at the Union with Heidi and I saw Mike and Kevin and Suckface Eldridge and Eric B. and we talked a bunch and Eric started to go on about Allen Ginsberg which I thought was interesting but I still don’t see what Eric finds so cool about the guy. I mean, he was a gay sicko who wrote lots of really cool stuff and really creative stuff, but I still don’t understand why he gives merit to someone’s work when it comes from a misguided mind in the first place? I dunno, I think I really really want to find and read Mere Christianity really badly right now. I need to get some good intellectual stuff in my head to chew on, I haven’t been reading lately and my ideas have gone to pot because I have no real solid backing for my arguments sometimes.

Well then, before all of this I was working at Panera. Work is work and that’s that.

Before all of that crap happened I rolled out of my bed and moaned, because I knew it was gonna be a long day.

Now Heidi is leaving for Cleveland with Eric tomorrow and it will be so much fun for her, I’m really excited that she’s getting to go. It’ll be good for her to get away and get her mind off of the stresses of school and all that jazz. Well, goodnight ladies and gents. Until the next time I write…

Joel signing and sighing off… ahhhh….

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