An image of you

Sprang into view

Tears were in your eyes

Honey, look at me and smile



Your love is so warm

You held my dreams

Cupped in your hands

Like water from a stream


I’ll hold true to

I’ll only hold you

Tears are in your eyes

Or are those tears mine?



Your embrace is warm

So hold fast to me

I’ll cover you from the storm

Like a blanket comforting and warm

Rain is pouring

Tears are falling

Into the ocean

Look at me and smile

Because we are warm

And somehow

I know

There is a shelter for us now


Holding the torrents back

Holding us in his hands

So let’s take this blessing

Take his blessing and run

For the prize

For the prize

For the prize

© 2002 Only One © 2002 Golden Hottie Music SMI/BMG

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