Well I’m a real winner when it comes to keeping up with my Blog. I need to somehow hardwire myself to a computer more often so that my online life doesn’t suffer anymore. At any rate, it’s early in the morning and I’m being productive by writing of my day thus far. My day thus far: Woke up at eight and started a fire, had a few drinks and I got inspired, jumped in the stream with shoes and cantteens – the water… was bitter cold.

But seriously, Get Up Kids aside, I woke up at 9ish, had some breakfast, read some paper, watched a bit of Today and took a shower. Went to Meijer around 10ish, got gas, gatorade and tomato juice*.

*my entire family is ill with the Stomach Flu, which I contracted several days after Kayla did. Then my sister got it, then my dad got it… then my mom got it… then Heidi got it… then her sister got it… then her mom got it… the list goes on.

After aquiring the tomato SOUP, not juice you tired tired boy! Campbell’s I might add. Eric Barton, you are in trouble. Anyhow, where was I… oh yes, the soup, and so then I went to Heidi’s house and snuggled with her and buggled with her and did all sorts of silly things, then I had to go home, eat some nachos with cheese and sour cream (a real treat for my weak stomach, which hadn’t seen solid food for 4 days). After this I went and got my hair TRIMMED (boi ecky thurr shure wurr so much ‘m that hair that Oim almost furgotten a simpoile trimmin’ would look loik a har-cut)! That was molespeak, courtesy of the Brian Jacques Translater machine, it’s managed online by mice. Finally I returned home to change for work. After work I skipped into Grounds for Thought and found Josiah, Heidi, Mike and Sam and us minus Josiah played Hearts…. Mike won though the game never finished, but he was ahead by such luck for him and unluck for Sam. Then Heidi’s sister never came for her and so I took her back home. Now I am very sleepy. I have made my morning break of dawn deadline for wakefulness. No more shall I bask in the rays of night… I shall slumber in the cool of day.


The light.

So bright

It’s trite.

Take flight.

In right.


In spite.

Of fight.


In Sprite.

The might.

Of Madeline Albright.

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