Check out the cryptic and scary lyrics to this song:



There is a path that leads too far

There is a lower dining car

From my window seat I see

The black desert blowing free

Far from home and dead to life

Longing only to spend away time

Sheltered here amongst the jewels

At home among a cadre of fools


Whistling winds

Howl over the sands

Miles away

From any foreign lands


This train goes on and on

The night it never ceases

This train goes where it will

And does all that it pleases


Ill I rise from my soft chair

To catch a breath of air

The lights pale fogged and cool

Flanked side by side with rules

I make for the cabin door

The air has gone so sour

With every passing breath

My life becomes a mess


Faint lights go darting by

This train is on the fly

And in the dead of night

Is anxious in its flight


This train goes on and on

The dunes keep rolling over again

The palm trees fly past so fast

I am so lost again

This hardened heart has left a love so far behind

This weary eye has been all but rendered blind

These worn out shoes have seen far better days

My mind is reeling still and life is still a maze

Growing pains reside in my stomach

Lungs rasping for the pungent odor

Smokes furls inward to fill the holes

Eyes weeping tears of silver and gold


This train goes on and on

I cannot see the end in sight

I must climb down

Fling myself into the unyielding night

My doom so far is clear

Doomed to consume my fear

As though a food to me

The thoughts they sicken my very being

This train goes on and on

Until the breaking dawn

Whence far from home upon

The wasteland it does yawn

This train empties its soul

It burns and burns so whole

No one escapes the flames

No passenger of this night train

The night train to Luxor

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