Holy Crap. I just came home from having a little mini-date with Heidi on the town. I came back in, locked the door, turned off the lights and whatnot and all that jazz. Now, here’s the freaking awesome part. You may or may not know that I was a CHARTER member of the Official Lord of The Rings Movie Fanclub. I ordered stuff from them, like the Extended Edition of FOTR and whatnot. Well, don’t ask me how, but they must have already begun recieving the prototype DVDs for The Two Towers. Because, freak it, I came home and there’s a note on my door that says a package came for me. When I saw that it was from the fanclub I went “oh crap” because they sent me some things that I DIDN’T order before and overdrafted my account. Anyways, it was TTT on DVD! I think they might overdraft my account again or something, but, I don’t really care. I’m keeping this baby! I am so darn lucky! And if you’ve been lead on this far I feel really sorry for you because this is all a lie. April Fools!

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