Well I know that I ramble incessantly on about movies all of the time in real life, so I might as well do it in my blog. Wait, I’ve been ranting about movies in here for months now, doh.

Well, the latest amazing film I’ve seen was released 5 years ago. I still remember when it came out, because it caused such a stir. It was up for a number of Academy Awards, but I don’t remember if it won any of them. All I remember is that it looked like an edgy movie. Edgy is hardly the word for it, my friends. This film was equal parts stunning cinematography, amazing filming technique, engaging and controversial storyline, and incredible character performances. This film is American History X.

I’ve been told that Edward Norton gives his very best performance in this film, and I’ll be darned if I’ve seen him better in any other film. Fight Club was sweet, yes, but that film has nothing on the intensity of his performance in this film. This film was scary, twisted, and brought race issues to the foreground with searing brightness and clarity. I’m sorry, I sound like a tripped out film reviewer, but seriously, I can’t get this movie out of my head. It was amazing. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not reccomending this film to any schmuck who enjoys good movies. This movie might make you crap your pants in some parts. It is that vile and that stark. Anyway, you may also want to know that Avery Brooks (Captain Sisko, of Deep Space Nine fame) is in it and does a very good job. Also, good ‘ol Edward Furlong of Terminator 2 fame is also in it. Also, a whole slew of recognizable and quality characters roam about the torn neighborhoods of this SoCal satellite to L.A.

Anyway, enough ranting. Time to sleep.

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