Wow, I had a long long long day today, working hard at Panera from about an hour after I awoke until about 9:30pm. Then I got the fellas together and we watched Spirited Away at my house. It was a night to remember… if only I could remember it. I was so toked up on reefer, crystal and truck driver that I could hardly see the Dingaling paraphenalia on the wall of the smack-joint-house I was quelling up in. Krasnoyarsk is for losers, Ulaanbator is where the flippingest gardenhoses are. Man, am I the sassiest frood in the galaxy, or what? Anyways the movie was excellent and just blew me away again but I think it was a trifle underwhelming for Jeremy. Oh, and word out to Mike E., sorry I didn’t call you up for this one man, I totally wasn’t thinking when we set it up on a whim. ‘K, I have to get up for overheads tomorrow morning and plus it’s gonna be Easter and there’s family and eggs and Jesus, so, g’night my bally flippin’ wankah wallopahs!

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