Well there is hardly anything to report other than the fact that I am done with History for good. I hope I pass. This year has sucked grade-wise, I mean, VCT classes haven’t been that bad… but boy oh boy, Ethincs Studies and History have kicked my butt this year. Theater class was brutal but very good and I learned a lot and I think of all the classes I’ve taken it’s given some of the most valuable skills, right up there with my Photography class last semester, my VCT 204 class this sememster and my Video Essentials class. Yup. My finish this year should be a mixed bag of crap and gold. Gold with poop on it is still valuable, but it’s kinda gross.

I only have to say one more thing: I am a poopslob crapface. No, no, not literally, I am actually a jerk. Jerks wait for three days to see X2 with their friend coming home from college and then at the last minute go and see it anyway without him when he would have been back home in a mere hour. Jerks do this without any good excuse and then they laugh but they don’t know why, because they know that they’re dirtbags and deserve to be shot or worse. Jerks then sit around and make sport of themselves for being jerks, and then they get what’s coming to them when they least expect it.

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