Well today was pretty much nothing. Although Jeremy Dan and I managed to get a number of quality establishing shots for Baby Watchers after the rain ceased. Other than that, I taught some swim lessons (I have started to teach Matthew Shepard) this morning, watched About Schmidt, helped do some cleaning, and then went to Jeremy’s to work on the movie. We also ended up watching Saving Silverman… which was a movie that was quite funny in parts, and then downright stupid in others. I liked the fact that Neil Diamond was in it, but I hated the fact that he was an idiot in it. The movie was almost too neurotic and unstable to watch, despite the way it grinned at you with each stupid cliche or plot twist that didn’t make sense. And the end was retarded, but then again, Jeremy really likes to watch movies that he can make fun of while watching them. He gets so-so movies with that in mind all of the time. And it is a good idea, because it really empowers you as a viewer to be able to create stuff ten billion times better than what these half-craps are making in Hollywood. Yep.

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