Here are some cool lyrics:

Eye is to the body as a thought is to the soul

They’re both a lamp whose sharpness I control

Beauty lingers ’bout as long as flattery my friend

That door doesn’t let out but lets back in

I was full of everything, my eyes put on this plate

Full of joy I’m needing, less of late

I can return love to You the best that I know how

I believe my worth has been redeemed

And I can be a new man now

Flatterers can fill a room as readily as this

The devil goes to dinner amidst their bliss

Following the need will lead me farther from truth’s well

Then only to be filled with what I miss

I’m a new man, I’m a new man

Like I said, there’s always room where one keeps all things dear

I’ll shrink away from sight and thought and evil that appears

I’m a new man, I’m a new man.

-That’s from “New Man” a song off of “Listen Closely”, the sophomore album from the Smalltown Poets. I always liked that song.

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