Well I just got back from a family reunion earlier today. When, after being home for only about 2 mintues, my cousin who had been serving in Kuwait for the past 4 months or so showed up with his brother. We spent the evening hearing all about the crap that he had to go through, most of which involved watching 4 entire seasons of “Friends”, playing Spades, working the Comm Center and watching homosexual French soldiers spank each other’s naked behinds during a game of indoor soccer. Wow, war IS hell. And now, my biological clock is about to explode from lack of consistent sleep and healthy diet these past 3 days. I need sleep.

Though, I must tell of the 3 1/2 movie marathon that Jason Lopp and I endured. We watched the back half of Legends of the Fall, then we watched GATTACA, Suicide Kings, and Ravenous. Guy Pearce was in Ravenous, which was awesome and that movie is going to haunt me for days not because of its premise or because of its actors… but because of its bizarre blend of music and cannibalism… and the fact that a GIRL directed it. I don’t even know what I am talking about. All I know is that if you were thinking about seeing Gigli, don’t. I didn’t see it but I saw the previews and read the reviews and that was about enough to make me want to hurl. Do not see this movie, even though Christopher Walken is in it and Al Pacino makes a cameo, it is not worth seeing the stupid anti-chemistry of mega-stars J. Lo and B. Affleck. No no no no no, do not see this movie. Likewise, do not see American Wedding, I don’t care if you liked the other movies… just don’t see it. Jason Biggs is a numbskull of an actor anyhow. You have my permission to see Bend it Like Bekham though, even if the music sounds like it was lifted from a porno.



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