Well we are currently IN THE LAB editing right now. Dan and Brett and Jeremy are all working hard on several scenes. This is going to be so freaking sweet once we get it done. I’m feeling the power coursing through my veins in the form of Mountain Dew! WE will overcome with the help of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Woohoo! Power to the Christians! We are going to rock your world baby! Well, at least the world of those who choose to come to our illusrious premiere on August 16th! Woohoo!

Well I’m getting ahead of myself. We still have PLENTY of work cut out for us and this film will continue to drain our time, finances and sanity. But it is all good because we are learning the blood sweat and tears joy of making a picture. There is nothing like it one earth. Except maybe digging the Panama Canal.

More soon, bye.


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