This is the furst entree in a cupple of dayz. I havunt been online much lately beecuz I have bin veree bizee. As a reslalt, I have lost the abilitee to spell pretee much everithin.

I am currently on brake in the labb at BGSU.

This has been the first of two days in a Final Cut Pro 4 workshop here and I have only learned basics but still I have learned a whole bunch.

Hopefully this knowledge will come in handy on Friday when we go to finalize the final complete completed version of Baby Watchers… a film that will never truely be complete. Well, I will post more later after I finally (bless the name of the Lord most high Yaweh the Lord Jesus Christ is my Savior) replace the broken starter in my van tonight. Ahhhh… it will feel/sound good when I don’t hear that dastardly ‘clicking’ noise again in dismay.

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