The String

That was the day

They put that string into your


It made such terrifying noise

That you wished that you were


You have been thrown

To be the stone

That kills the people who once

left you all alone

These are the things you’ll

die for.

I finally saw Once Upon A Time In Mexico… alright, so I saw it the day it came out (Friday). I must say that the plot was rather incomprehensible and the movie was a mess… but a darn good enjoyable mess at that. The filming and the action and the one liners were the icing on a cake that may have been burned… but nevertheless the frosting redeemed it. OUATIM is primarily a good excuse to bring back the Mariachi and torture him and his friends for another hour and a half and have the audience take great pleasure in it. There is no denying that Rodriguez is a talented film maker… perhaps not so much a writer of good stories… but nevertheless a smart man behind the camera. It will be sweet to see what he moves onto next seeing as he has two of his (exremely profitable) film franchise trilogies in the can. There is never too much certainty that these franchises are dead but for now, we can expect him to shift gears and begin working on some totally fresh stuff.

At least, that is Joel’s small view. Oh darn it just go and see the stikning movie! You won’t be disappointed!

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