Are you familiar with the term devil?


Yeah man it means a demon, or Satan… or something.


Wrong. It means the dark creature of death who is sent from the fiery pits of hell to torture those of pure souls.

Well if that don’t beat all! Hush Money Embezzlement is nearing its completion in the writing stages and storyboarding has already commenced! And we said we’d start shooting on October 18th! Wooooo! We have a month to prepare and get the word out to the cast about schedules, scripts and makeup!

But did Elisha keep walking down the road- NO!

He stood on a hill and he raised his hands high

and he called out the name of the Lord to the sky

and he rained down curses on the heads of the youth

and two she-bears then came forth from the woods

And they

Mauled forty-two of the youth, they

Mauled forty-two of the youth

and Elisha was vindicated that day

because the bears mauled forty-two

That is just a taste of the song Mike and I shall perform tonight for 519 Ministries. Come on down! It’s at 8:00pm tonight room 315 in the Student Union!

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