I don’t blog enough

I guess I’m just too caught up in living real life… or perhaps I just never get enough time to myself on my computer to have some time to slow down and reflect in a blog. At least, not until it comes to 1:30am in the morning and I just can’t go to bed because of these chasing furies in my skull. Good band, reccomend buying their CD if you’re into Plumb or Sixpence… they were a phenomenal group that emerged in the 1999 and then faded from view: Chasing Furies.

Anyhow enough about music for now.

I feel a surge of pooetry (you know I’m full of it) and this one goes out to Eds and Boo:

Come now

There is no time to waste

If you fell asleep in the slanted rays

Of sunlight filtering through the blinds

If you whittled like a mole in a hole on a work of literary genius

Come now

It’s worth everything

If you fell caught in the undertow

If the darkling storms pulled at you and wind blew sand off the beach

Tides swell and waves pound the shoreline for a reason

Come now

You have a heartbeat

It’s worth everything

There is no time to waste

Fall on grace

And that is all I feel led to write 🙂

I had a wonderful week since I blogged last and had a good day and night today and tonight. That sentence looks stupid. Oh well, I’m too lazy to erase it and put it into perspective. See, I’m really stinking tired and it’s really stinking late and I have to get up really stinking early so I’m going to go ahead and go to stinking bed. 🙂 Adios Pupitre.

“Not only is he gay, but also a little weird.”

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