Nothing ever changes in this small town… it’s not my fault

And thus ends a long and tiresome week filled with lots of work, lots of school (so to speak), lots of activity, lots of fun with friends and with Roo, and very very very little sleep. Now that it’s over I’m older and colder today. That is from the Get Up Kids, an emo-punk band whose many myriad of catchy and creative songs generally call to mind a meloncholy mood of being dumped or dumping. And I mean dumping in the sense of the cultural colloquialism which signifies just another way of saying “taking a crap.”

And so it has been a little while since I got on and just blogged from my heart. Why should this time be any different?


“Goodbye Tess” – Joel Manahan, speaking to Lee Richards as Lee Richards is heading out the front door of the church with his guitar in hand. Lee Richards was aghast.

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