Well I am at Mike’s house right now working hard at uploading new pilfered software to my computer from his. 🙂 Tess is here and working diligently at her homework, she is such a good role model for everyone to follow all of the time all over the globe since the ages of the sun and the moon began to take shape in the womb of the cosmos. Oh, and Jeremy is here talking about ripping off something important from the body of a famous gay musician. And he’s doing a slow advance of his finger on Tess, who is objecting loudly. Mike is entranced by the gay propaganda in his Onion Ad Nauseum book and I am stil typing.

On the brighter side of things I had a good day at work, busting my butt at Panera selling crap to people and cleaning the crap off of the dishes and crap like that and also making more crap for the coffee pots and wiping the crap from the tables and sweeping the crap off the floors. All day long listening to very bluntly dirty music that my coworker brought in. Then he left finally and I played some good music and hid in the back with a cup of Pepsi and a spatula to defend myself from anything and everyone with.

Jeremy is excited about his new film idea “3 Days Ago” which will be a combination of Back to the Future and Clockstoppers and Baby Watchers all put together. Hopefully this one will get off the ground instead of languishing in the shade of an elm tree like stupid lazy Hush Money Embezzlement did. Anyhow I plan to help out and be D.O.P. again whenever things get rolling. It’s looking like I will have more time next semester for fun and games since I will have no Panera and no school, just a job doing a co-op for some measure of money.

“We are talking about marriage out of wedlock” Mike and I speaking to a confused Tess… none of you would understand either 🙂

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