On break

Well I am on a break from work right now! And I thought that I’d see fit to write for a minute in the tiny space of time I have from now until I have to go back. I need to eat my lunch (mmmm, Asiago Roast Beef on Asiago Foccacia with onions, lettuce, LOTS of horsey sauce and a Chicken Caesar Salad) and then I need to shower (I smell of onions and rosemary and B.O., NOT a good combination, plus my hair is plastery) and then I need to pack up my goodies because I will be working up until 519 starts since some poor girl couldn’t close tonight because she has the flu. Do not get the flu guys. Because I don’t want to get it… oh and I don’t want to throw up, even though it feels awesome after you throw up… until you feel queasy again, and then you throw up… and then you feel awesome again!

So I used the iTunes Music Store for the first time, I knew that I had to wait until I could go to Mike’s house and abuse his speedy Roadrunner network connection to do it. It was cool. I splurged on Heavenbound by dc Talk, The Mighty Quinn (Quinn The Eskimo) by Manfred Mann (originally by Bob Dylan), Moses by Coldplay, Where The Streets Have No Name by U2, and another track that I will not divulge but it was performed by James Galway and Glenn Spreen 🙂

The new iBook G4 is working out wonderfully and it is sort of still my baby, though I’ve begun to take it on the road with me and even let other poeople touch it! Jeremy saw the little cap to the power supply and decided that it was a tasty candy and chewed and sucked on it for a while before I asked what had happened to my power supply cap and then he realized what it was.

Oh yeah, and I think that I’m done with Christmas shopping finally for the year. Lord knows I’ve spent a load this year, and mainly because I could 🙂

Well I am hungry and still smelly so I will say goodbye for now my bloggies. One day I will have something worthwhile to post again, until that day pine with all your hearts for Jesus to come back… hopefully after Christmas because I want to get my presents first.

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