Give the gift of giving!

Well my friends, it has been about 1.3 billion nanoseconds since I last posted something nice and worthwhile to this wretched weblog.

For starters, Christmas happened. I mean, it just came and went. For cripes sake, at 12:01am Thursday began and at 11:59pm it ended, leaving exactly 2 minutes of time unaffiliated with any specific day to duke it out in the dark nethers of theoretical mathematic reasoning. And then Christmas was over. The world jolted back into groggy wakefulness again, hooked up a caffeine drip to its varicose veins and prompted started shooting up while going back into full psychotic swing.

Needless to say, it was time to visit my long lost sweetheart out in Cuyahoga Falls, OH. Somewhere along the line though, I forgot to tell some of my friends that I was going to visit her out the goodness of my heart for a day and 6 hours. Jeremy called up Tess and I talked to him, he wanted to play video games. So did I. I was 120 miles away… so it didn’t quite happen. Better job on communication next time I will do!

But I had a spiffing time with her nonetheless and came back with 5 chapsticks, some soap, a blanket, some nice smelling stuff from a bottle, a special box, a CD, and a dozen laminated cartoon strips. Ahhhh. From my parents and my grandma I got an awesome backpack that is made for laptops and school – the exact perfect thing that I needed. No bookcases, but that is okay because they aren’t requied… a backpack is! Also I got The Lion King on DVD! The movie is awesome but a good 50% of the extras are beyond retarded. There is an enthralling game with Timon where you can grab bugs for about forever, without ever stopping. You can grab them from one of four holes. And this is what you do, forever… never stopping. There are a few other crappy features and some really annoying repetitious voiceover dialogue running in the background. The movie is still a masterpiece. I also got the new Jars of Clay, which has repropelled them to the forefront of my spectrum of favorite bands ever. The list is currently as follows:

1. The Fire Theft/Sunny Day Real Estate

2. The Notwist

3. Jars of Clay

4. dc Talk

5. Coldplay

6. Blindside

7. They Might Be Giants

8. The Flaming Lips

9. The Waiting

10. Kent

Or something like that. Who We Are Instead is the name of the CD and I got the special Limited Edition 2 disc set! Woooo! Also I got some other nice goodies but those are mostly the kind that you don’t write about because they are uninteresting to other people. Plus, when you do nothing but write about yourself you most assuredly come off as callous and self-centered, egocentric and delusional and insensitive.

Well, Jeremy has just phoned me up and I must answer the call of nature and go fellowship with him on his s*x bed and play with his new entertainment system. Ciao.

P.S. It is nearing the end of the year so be on the lookout for Joel’s 2003 Year in Review… I’m going to do it and it’s going to be spiffing wot wot!

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