Ring in the new year

Happy New Year all of you guys…

I got sick but thank heaven it was not with the flu… just some nasty headache/sniffles/sore throat/achy joints/phlegmy discharges disease. I will be well in a few, and I even managed to survive working from 7-11 this morning at Panera. Much to the chagrin of me and the few other pitiable workers who were subjected to such abject torture there were quite a few idiot customers who came in. There were even people who called the store BEFORE we even opened doors this morning… I mean, come on people! It is New Year’s Day! Stay home. That phonecall alone indicated two things: 1. that the person in question was already AWAKE at 7:30am on New Year’s Day and 2. that they fully intended to come in and make me SERVE them on New Year’s Day. I tell you that it is disgusting. And that is my cheerful New Year’s Rant.

In other news I’ve made a resolution to stop complaining about work related poop. 🙂

I will catch all of you folks on the flipside hopefully.


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