Phlighpze (Pronounced ‘flips’)

Nobody can possible match up to me! I stayed up until 11pm last night using the phone in two ways: for the internet and for talking to people. And then I woke up at 5:30am and went to work for 7 hours! I am superman! I am so amazingly good at functioning in life. Actuallly it’s all thanks to the devil: coffee. And even though it is a diuretic (meaning it sucks water out of your body instead of giving water to your body) I still live upon it sometimes. Gaul, if only the Arabs had never discovered that God created a bean with the potent qualities that the coffee bean contains. And so now I have discovered that coffee is indeed addicting and detrimental, it stunts your growth, makes you unhappy when you can’t drink it, and generally prevents you from being a human in the wee morning hours until you succumb to its siren call of slow death.

In other more jubilant news Big Fish hits theaters nationwide tomorrow and I hope to go and see this baby soon, though I will have to wait for Roo to come back because she wants to see it with me. In other good movie news, even though I still haven’t seen it, Cold Mountain was overlooked for a DGA nomination. That means a huge boulder has been placed in the path of this seemingly perfectly crafted Oscar baby in the fact that Anthony Minghella (the director) has been rejected for a Director’s Guild of America nomination, a key forcasting board for the Academy Awards. Only six times in the 55 year existence of the DGA has their award for Best Director not been the same as the Academy award for Best Director. Ooh, and that seems to pretty much cut Cold Mountain out of THAT category, which paves the way even more for Return of the King. And it seems that the runtime for the Extended Edition of that film when it comes out will be more along the lines of 4 hours and 15 minutes versus the 4 hours and 50 minutes it was purported to be 🙂

I’m out for now.

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