Sunday Bloody Sunday

So Holly, resident of Kelly’s Island, had a Grand day the

other day, getting did up about kelp, and of course that

means it’s time for ole Holly to get lichens! Just some bun

cheek. It’s Filling. I just got out of the intestine of all

sicknesses 2 months ago and have managed to grab stuff since

then (I assume because of built up feathers).

BUT I’m slurping my Tree! And I’m ugly at the prospect of

not Dying in these classes. Well, Masturbation is easier

than Real Analysis.

Tess and I are so anxious to get this grinding moss

finished. It’s taken so long, and mainly because there’s not

enough Hats to sit down and help it out. This weekend…

Shiva, Platypus, Monkey wrech, and voles are calling, all at

once. Unfortunately ring will have to come last. Unless I

try the “gastronomic” approach, which may or may not be


I finally finished up Mike’s crayzee Mad Lib. And I managed to see a few movies in the recent days leading up to this post.

Love Actually:

lead acting: 7/10

supporting acting: 7/10

story: 7/10

directing: 7/10

production design/value: 5/10

overall score: 6.6

American Splendor:

lead acting: 9/10

supporting acting: 9/10

story: 9/10

directing: 9/10

production design/value: 9/10

overall score: 9.0

And I deem that I have witnessed enough of the dried up feel-good movie Radio to give it a rating:


lead acting: 7/10

supporting acting: 5/10

story: 5/10

directing: 6/10

production design/value: 6/10

overall score: 5.8

Love Actually was a pretty decent film, except that there were entirely too many stories to keep track of in one movie. Some of the stories get some screen time in the first half hour, disppear for a whole hour maybe more, only to turn up for a few minutes at the end of the film. Now, I’m not knocking the film at all; after all, it did have plenty of nudity to make up for the other shortfalls it had. 🙂 Actually the nudity was rather shocking and disturbing and all in all the film was very dirty. All of the separate stories were about love of course, but not all of them had very ‘happy’ or ‘fulfilling’ endings. Which, was cool, but Tess pointed out to me that the movie could have been illustrating the types of love that there are. In any case, I want to go to the store and buy five copies of the film right now!

American Splendor was offbeat, creative, sardonic, funny, touching, smart, impeccably acted, skillfully wrought, and forged in the fires of mount doom. I enjoyed this film quite a bit. It was solid, just about everything in it was a near flawless execution, and the casting was really awesome. Paul Giamatti was sorely overlooked for his amazing performance, though it was nice to know that Hope Davis got nominated for the Golden Globe. And, if nobody yet knows, AS won the WGA award for best original screenplay.

Radio wasn’t stupid, wasn’t bad, wasn’t awful or horrible and terrible and stanky and worthless and boring and nasty. It was just plain and kind of blah, and sought to jerk your tears all of the stinking time. I didn’t have a problem with the subject matter, but it could have been done better. The story takes place and rolls on without really too much impetous, things happen without apparent reason except that you as the audience would most likely enjoy to see what happens.

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Later ‘yo.

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