So, The Passion of the Christ actually made a grand total of $125.8 million in its first 5 days since opening on Wednesday, edging out LOTR:ROTK and SW:TPM becoming officially the hugest Wednesday opening film of all time.

So, I thought for long and hard about whether or not to subject The Passion to my little film grading system, since it means a great deal more to me than just being a good movie. However, to some degree any movie that truely moves me will have a coloration to it forever imbued in my skull, enscribed on my heart, and even a flicker of jeweled fire in my soul. Therefore I will certainlly subject it to the limited reaches of my simple grading system. Here then are is my (rather predictable) score for the Passion along with two other movies I recently viewed.

The Passion of the Christ:

lead acting: 10/10

supporting acting: 10/10

story: 10/10

directing: 10/10

production design/value: 10/10

overall score: 10


lead acting: 9/10

supporting acting: 7/10

story: 6/10

directing: 7/10

production design/value: 7/10

overall score: 7.3

Fist of Legend

lead acting: 10/10

supporting acting: 6/10

story: 7/10

directing: 7/10

production design/value: 6/10

overall score: 7.2

So I got my hair cut today. I look like Jim Carrey according to a great number of people. No, I don’t look like Tony Clifton, I look more like Lloyd from Dumb and Dumber:

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