Ceasing to be…

Didja like them lyrics? I thought not. But seriously, if you didn’t know already, those words are from the first song on the latest album by Grandaddy: Sumday. The song is called “Now It’s On” Perhaps it has been recently impacting me the same way that “Float On” by Modest Mouse was “kicking butt” to Mike Edwards a few weeks ago. I love the lines:

I wouldn’t trade my place

I got no reason to be

weathered and withering

like in the season of the old me

I feel like every day I wake up and I’m challenged to stop thinking that I live in the old season of my life… one that bugs me. Just to peer outside, rub the condensation off of my window and see a moist, warm, windy world swirling on outside. As if to say “it’s okay… things change… God is always working.” Our business on Earth is for God to work in us, constantly changing us into what we were intended to be from the start. Thus we slowly cease to be children of wrath and become children of light. But enough! If you are among the hungry throngs anxiously awaiting the day that you have enough pennies to pay the $22.50+exorbitant Ticketmaster fees to go to the Saves the Day/Grandaddy/Fire Theft/Hey Mercedes concert at the Agora on Friday, April 2nd in Cleveland, OH… well… then you might want to consider getting into some Grandaddy. From all indications they are a rather decent band. Take a look.


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