Hell’s coming with me!!

I just finished watching Tombstone for the first time all the way through I think. It has been years and years since I last saw this film, and as far as westerns go, I think that this film is actually quite excellent, close to accuracy on the historical part, if a little bit sappy and very Hollywoodish at times. Heck, Hollywood Pictures made the movie.

I just remember the lines from the Mexican Priest in the beginning of the film, quoting Revelation about the pale horse and the rider on it being called death and all Hell would follow him. And then later Kurt Russel as Wyatt Earp tells the bad guy: “you tell them I”m coming, and Hell’s coming with me! HELL’S COMING WITH ME!!” Such a great line. I love all of the handlebar moustaches too. Good cameos by Billy Bob Thornton, Charleton Heston and Billy Zane. But we must all remember that while Val Kilmer isn’t always all that coo, he certianly has been in some awesome roles in some good films: The Saint, The Ghost and the Darkness, etc….


lead acting: 8/10

supporting acting: 7/10

story: 7/10

directing: 6/10

production design/value: 8/10

overall score: 7.2

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