I don’t know how many of my blog readers listen to the radio (the sickly wasteland of Top 40 radio, that is). Because… for a few weeks now… that little upstart Eamon has had his amazingly popular song F**k it (I Don’t Want You Back) riding the crest of the charts. And then something totally amazing happened. The studios released the EXPLETIVE song again with a girl doing the vocals. The song is about a crappy idiotic relationship he ‘had’ rather than ‘shared’ with a girl. The girl singing is his ex-girlfriend. Except for the lyrics and person singing them, nothing- absolutely nothing is different in this EXPLETIVE song. It’s the top requested song on Kiss FM. Good gaul, what the EXPLETIVE is wrong with America’s youth? It gets better: Eamon essentially punkd America when it was revealed a few days back that (of course duh) the girl singing wasn’t his ex. It was all set up to make money and be a publicity stunt. Whoop-dee-doo. The EXPLETIVE song is still EXPLETIVE popular on the radio. And now guess what? They released it again… EXPLETIVE AGAIN! They released the song as a pseudo-remixed combination of both him and the girl again singing the same song. I heard it just last night and almost had an aneurism. The wastland our culture is so depraved that it makes a three times multiplied hit out of a song that just uses EXPLETIVE every other word and contains the same subject matter of 90% of all pop songs ever written: spoiled love. This is why Christians need to LEAD in the music industry, in the film industry, in the television industry. Stop imitating the sick culture that glorifies anything stupid, vapid, shallow and offensive. Let’s LEAD this doomed sickly wretched culture by totally undermining the moral-less existence of our peers. God works in may ways, and why not through the powerful means of the entertainment industry.

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