a SCRIPT instead of a blog

Here is the beginning of a script:

Cast of Characters:

FESTER PRONG – think Danny Aiello

BO RICHARDS – think Ving Rhames

LESTER TWILL – think Peter Sarsgard

OLEANDER SCHELL – think Alison Lohman

JULIANNE HARP – think Catherine Zeta Jones

CANDICE MACPHEARSON – think Daryl Hannah


An old, blue, rusted CHEVY ASTRO VAN sits parked in a dimly yellow lit underground PARKING GARAGE. Sitting inside in the driver seat is LESTER TWILL and in the passenger seat is BO RICHARDS.


You want a cigarette?


(gives BO a look)

No. You know I don’t smoke.


Just thought I’d ask.


Look… just because you think I’m in the last hours of my life doesn’t mean that I’m just going to go bottoms up and start now.


(halfheartedly pulls a cig out for himself)

I didn’t say you were in your last hours of life, I just think we stand as much chance pulling this off as a snowflake has of making it up Satan’s nostril.


Well we don’t have a choice now do we?

CUT TO: A man is approaching the VAN, he carries a semiautomatic weapon.


Gotta do what the man says you gotta do.

more to come…

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