“A Palantír is a dangerous tool Saruman, you never know who may be WATCHING”

Hey guess what? I just finished the preliminary design of my new blog and it is online as you may have guess from the link! Now, there is still a great deal to be done with it, but for the time being you can look at it and see how it looks. It is rather sparse at the moment, I’m hoping to get good pictures for the links on the sidebar, a la Justin’s Expression blog. I’m totally redesigning my homepage as well and will have new drivel to show you guys. In the meantime I’m porting my archives IN THEIR ENTIRETY from blogspot to my new blog. So, be forewarned that the archives are as they have always been, unchanged. Don’t go reading them unless you want to be regaled with crazy stories of Joel’s life documented online since October 2002.

Perhaps one more post will show up here before I abandon the infernal seeing stone.


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