From Auschwitz to the White House: One Tailor’s American Tale – The Daily Beast

Terrific excerpt from legendary tailor Martin Greenfield’s new memoir,

I had a job to do. If I was to build a wardrobe fit for a president, I needed to know what I was working with. So I did the only thing that seemed logical: I walked to Mr. Clinton’s closet and opened the door. I couldn’t believe my eyes. A couple of short leather jackets, more jogging suits than any man needs to own, and a ratty old overcoat so ugly I was tempted to throw it away on the spot. “These are really the president’s clothes?” I exclaimed incredulously to the dresser.

via The Daily Beast.

Lost avant-garde painting found in Stuart Little’s living room

Just incredible:

Barki, a researcher at the Hungarian National Gallery in Budapest, is writing a biography of the artist and recognized the painting from the last known record of it: a black and white photograph taken at an exhibition in Hungary in 1928. It was bought at that exhibition by an unknown person, perhaps someone Jewish who fled the country before or during World War II. In the chaos of war and its aftermath, Sleeping Lady with a Black Vase disappeared.

via The History Blog