“Well you can grab hold

of love if you want it”

Ahhhh, let me begin by saying that until earlier today I had written of the phenomenon of Blogspot as pure fancy, and a fad that would flicker away in time. That was, of course, before I set foot into Meijer today, and altered the course of the time space continuoum forever.

It was a sunny, cheery day, with lots of clouds obscuring the sun, and fierce arctic wind blowing in from lands that must be ridiculously cold and unpleasant, because the air was so fricken cold and icy. I came to Meijer with a mission in mind: Seek out and photograph various human beings on the job, doing what some crazy nut in a grey diaper with a name tag safety pinned to it told them to do. Then came the crazy lady in the grey suit, giving me dirty looks, and then came the balding guy in the grey vest continually making phone calls and staring at me. Then the greeter who looked like death, giving me a look that said “I smoke many many more cigarettes per day than there are stars in the sky” and then I decided it was time to develop my film. Ah well, all three of these shifty people promptly siezed my negatives and scanned them for evil malintent. They concluded that I had exercised evil malintent and deserved to be busted by them, much to the fanfare of their own primitive notions of success. And here I am today, having egregiously dropped several f-bombs after being shown the door, and having to explain to my teacher that Meijer would be reduced to a smoking cinder of burnt rubble in a few days, and that my assignment was going to be overdue.

That’s when I decided to start a Blog! Wheeeeeeeee!

Yahdda Crimpy Swong Plong!

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