Wow with and H.

this has been time elapsed from beginning to beginning

this has been time synapsed into burst after burst

this has been time collapsed by boulder after twisting boulder

this has been my life, feathering out into many colored bands and dangit it hurts

So for the past few days I’ve been sequestered in a dark little room forced to face my failings and downfalls and stupid human traits again and again and again until it hurt so bad. Now reading the Problem of Pain, The Sacred Romance, The Return of the King, and many other good books. So, yeah, don’t let your heart go under guys. Shoving your heart out of the way can seem like a handy way to slip under the radar and keep from becoming tethered to anything… but you’ll suck your life away until you get so depressed and confused that you’ll seriously question the value of life and love and your own stinking words. Stick to the path of righteousness… but let the urgings of your heart do the leading… you’ll have tons of pain, garanteed. But the rewards are great.

Anyhow. I’m done ranting on. I’m going to Indianapolis this Friday, though. Godspeed Trevor Hardsmith.


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