I’ve taken a whole new outlook on my blog. If something isn’t worth posting, then I won’t post it.

I also think that news and informational stuff carries relevance, but my blog should be a sounding board for my creative energies as well. So, here goes, this is the first creative installment that I’m posting with Blogger.

It is a poem entitled “My cute little blog”

My cute little blog

is generated with an HTML generation engine online

or maybe not

since I don’t usually know what I’m talking about

But I do know this

birds can fly

fish can swim

humans can’t sing

and I’m a gum-chewer

I’ve often considered the weight

of my fingers

crushing the poor innocent silicon filaments

of the keyboard’s underlying circuitry

but then I realize that I DON’T CARE

and that silicon filaments don’t have feelings

not at least

in the same fashion as we humans do

Time has elapsed now

and I can’t get over it

only now I am scratching the worth

of everything I have

blogs are cute and little

the human mind is larger, yes

the whole of the earth is a tiny pinprick

in the fabric of a patch on the soul of man

-Joel Manahan


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