Wow. I’m an interstellar example of good blogging. What can I say, I am adept at letting my online digital life languish in the freezing temperatures of this bleak, grey winterscape in NW Ohio. Ha you might say I am especially adept at being inept. Whoa, enough odd words for today. Well let me see, what of note has happend to me over the past immesurable span of time that has transpired since my last meaningful post? To kick things off, I got a LAPTOP! yay! The University in its omnipotent graces saw fit to bestow upon me the privilege of using a 3rd rate laptop for a semester. God IS GOOD! Its nice enough to store 1000 pirated songs on, edit movies, surf the network and type up all manner of drivel and doggerel. The only problem with the godawful thing is that it’s configured to index itself every night and it does this over a period of perhaps 42 hours of mind-numbing slowness and not working sluggishness. That is what is happening to me now and is irking me most at the present instant. People of the same ilk as those technicians who programmed and formatted this thing take great pleasure in seeing the less tech-savvy masses writhe in helpless agony as their handiwork manifests its ugly head. I, however, am a geek with Macs and can reprogram it to send digitized pictures of donkey butts to their email boxes. But I’m a Christian, so, I won’t do that. Other than that, having a laptop is SWEET MAN!

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