Just got back from an amazingly humbling night of StarCraft with Lee and Jason. We played over the house network and had a great deal of fun, that is, until after 2 minutes of gameplay, Jason was routed by a horde of Zerglings and forced to relocate. The rest of the game involved us steadily running out of money while our defences were being whittled away by relentless masses of troops seemingly conjured from thin air by our opposition: the computer. After a humiliating defeat at the hands (or tendrils?) of a mightly unstoppable cloud of Zerg abominations we vowed to exact out revenge. The second game went much better, and we managed to amass a sizeable army of formidable strength and diversity. Unfortunately, the computer had, again, conjured an endless fleet of million-dollar Protoss Cruisers and Scouts and what-have-you-ever-else that can be used to decimate a small planet. So, we were destroyed once again, this time by a cloud of Protoss ships. Our games did occasionally have quiet moments, during which we could hear idle banter with a cultured British accent come floating through the walls from the all-girl screening of Pride and Prejudice going on in the other room.

I’ve edited the 519 video down greatly and it is starting to come together and look really cool. It has some slow moments, though, I’ll have to work on those. Oh yeah, I am doing a video for 519 ministries, you’ll have to come see it next Sunday the 16th of February, when 519 is doing the worship and Chris Stuffleben is giving the message. Hopefully this film will provide meaningful insights into the culture of 519, its virtues and values, and its ongoing place with Covenant.

Hehe, see you all later my suckfaceable treatminsters.

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