Well I’ve had a rough day already. Slept in through the same class I slept in through last Tuesday, and this time I had no excuse. So I hurried my sorry little bum over to class only to find that they got out a whole hour early. As if that wasn’t enough, the teacher had given Heidi explicit intstructions to punish me with throat swabs and needles. That didn’t sound too funky to me, so I settled for being her slave for a bit instead.

Hooey, well I have VCT 204 today coming up and I still haven’t seen whether or not I’m going to get any sort of job at the College of Technology. I’d really like to go for such things but sometimes I don’t feel the drive to go and ask for it. right now I feel helplessly chained to this computer. Haha, well that doesn’t make any stinking sense now does it?

Well I’m off to check my email, catch you all later.

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