When you opened the door

did your breath catch?

The object on the floor

your broken latch.

Someone has broken into your life

and left it all a mess

Everywhere the pieces lie

shards of evidence

Who did this deed

and more important, why?

Did you do this God?

Did you really have to pry?

Everything that seemed in place

has all been upset

You go about trying to make sense

and remember where things went

but returning to the older state

doesn’t solve the case

it only reestablishes order to

the plateau of your face

Everywhere, the pieces lie

shards that incriminate

veiled lies left there by

someone, not the savior

The Devil he is cunning sure

but does he really pounce so fast?

You see the evidence on the floor

is pushing you to violence

Would God stir up this reckless hate

this twisted plotting for revenge

this mangled game of hide and seek

of psychological attack?

No, surely this is the work of an enemy

and one who wants you mad

But he cannot count on you to fall

When you are in God’s hands

So when the knock comes at the door

open it with haste

for be it Jesus let him in

be it Satan, know this

you cannot stand against his will

it is folly to believe

but Jesus knows the bitter pill

and swallowed it for you

You shall face the evil more than you can ever cope

But God is always on your side and you must never lose hope

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