Well, the skippy news is that I succeeded in renewing my laptop until frickin’ August 29th!

Yeehoo, now I have it alllll summer long!

I have been sitting up here in the Union for about an hour now, maybe. Finally I am finding some free time to update my illustrious blog.

Well… to sum up my weekend, it was really good, and I worked until I felt like passing out and pasing away. From Thursday until Sunday I was as busy as a Paçksi baker during Lent in Poland. I worked all morning Thursday and then found out that I didn’t have class, but still I managed to use up my day really fast. Friday was pretty brutal and I worked all morning and had class all afternoon and then I tried to watch From Dusk Till Dawn only to find out that Quentin Tarantino is a perv in it and there is nudity aplenty… so I fell asleep when the Vampires attacked. Then I visited Heidi for a few minutes… actually she was just starting watching Girl, Interrupted and I found myself completely sucked into the movie… so I watched it all and then I was about to pass out and I went home to bed. At 6 am my dad woke me up because my manager was frantically trying to get as many people as possible to come in early because somebody else was a no show. So I went in to work 2 hours early and stayed until about 12:30, when I was mercifully relieved by Tyler Cheadle. Then I was in Justin’s play, I had a blast and got really hungry and felt tired but it was great fun. Then I got a half-hour nap and some food at my home and returned to close at Panera from 6-10:15.

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