played zombie a bunch of times last night over at Eric’s which was super cool. Today I worked a bunch at Panera.

Now, when I work, I get the idea that I will toil onward through the day, and go home exhausted or at least hungry and shaky feeling. Today, a number of people irked me, pissed me off, disturbed the fragile splintering placidity of my personality and provoked me to anger. I was very upset when I came to the back of the house, only to find my precious green soapy water sink drained and left for dead by a thoughtless employee who obviously couldn’t tell or didn’t care to check that I had just filled it up. I groaned and filled it back up. There was only one person taking other people’s money and the people behind the slow-to-decide-oh_i_think_I’ll_use_my_credit_card slowpoke customers were getting angry. Society is so high strung on speed (actual speed, not the drug slang word) I hate it. I hate it when people leave their soup after only eating two bites of it. There are starving people who gladly would’ve eaten that for you, you sick rich American pig! Then the young inexperienced sarcastic manager came in and started harassing me for being lazy. I had to wash dishes, clean tables, stock supplies, brew coffees, manage garbage, cut samples, ring up customers, make drinks, mark sheets, and watch a bakery for friggin cripe’s sake!

Don’t friggen sass me about why I can’t seem to keep up with things… geez.

So anyway, the point of this story is not to bore you with the more work elements of work… but to tell you of the female coworker of mine who came in as I was preparing to clock out and asked me “do you know how to swing dance”

I do, and she does too. She is in the Black Swamp Players production of G.I. Jukebox, a little musical written for the Delta Queen Steamboat Company a few years ago. Anyways, I’m in it now as a swing dancing sailor with a foul mouth and a penchant for large ladies and bourbon. You all (meaning anyone and everyone who knows me, has heard of me, and ever thought of me in passing) should come out to one of the six shows: June 13,14,15,20,21,22

And the cirlce is completed…. man, it’ll take a million years to load my blog now.

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