Well it has been nigh on a month since I posted last and I figure I ought to let you all know what’s been up before I skip out of the door and into Michigan for a few days. There hasn’t been a whole lot going on, save for the fact that I was in a little play production called “G.I. Jukebox” with a co-worker. Midway through putting on this play I discovered that my co-worker (whom I had to dance with every night) was indeed a stripper and possibly pregnant. Needless to say, this made me concentrate even more on my acting skills as I tried not to freak out every time we had to hug at the end of a slow song. Yes, I endured and played many many many games of Zombie during this month of internet silence. Today my dogs pooped in the garage, but that’s ok. Anthony Sitter upped and left for the Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland today and we had a farewell hug and picture. It was a good stinky time. Over the past month I have learned a great deal about living in the summer…. huh, well I can’t really think of what I’ve learned. Oh yes, there is a movie filming now that I am helping out with, Jeremy Cordy’s immensely funny “Baby Watchers” which is going to knock the socks off of “Ready, Set, Bad!” (no offense Justin), mainly because I stay BEHIND the camera in this film. Anyhow, we’re gonna print off some huge posters for the movie at Saddlemire in the coming weeks and then we’re going to have a fun fun fun time editing it… holy crap editing is going to be hell, but it will be fun too and well worth the efforts. Well, that’s all the poop that I’m going to post for now, so, until my next post, which will likely be within a few days, I bid you all farewell.


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