We had a surprise birthday party for Heidi last night and it went over rather well I think. Eric Barton and I made a cake and wrote “The Cake” on it with red gel and also put a bunch of candles on it and wrote “The Candles” with arrows pointing to the candles in more red gel. Yeah, we wracked our brains to come up with what we should put on the cake. Then a bunch of cool people came over and we played cards and then went out into the storm-soaked wilderness to play a bunch of rounds of Zombie. It was great great fun. Heidi seemed slightly surprised, though I think that she really wasn’t surprised, it being her birthday and all. Today I am hoping to get a butt-load of editing underway with Baby Watchers, we seriously need to complete this project no later than August so we can work on the propaganda that we’ll use to pump up the premiere at Bowling Green Covenant Church on the 18th.

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