Today I began to work on a new short film I have in mind called “The Mind of Michael Conrad”, though that is really not its name. Anyhow, I am writing it and I think it will turn out to be cool, it’s kind of an offbeat comedy with a mysterious twist to it. At this point I hope to get everything together for it and film and edit it in time to debut it with Baby Watchers later next month. That would be an amazing feat, but I’m planning to finish writing it within a few days. Well, that is all besides the fact that I just finished watching Braveheart for the very first time, and man, was it a sweet movie! Definitely a keeper if you ask me, and William Wallace is admirable, even if the way he dies isn’t exactly every man’s dream come true. Well, now that I’ve spoiled it for all of you who have never seen the flick, I think that I will retire for the evening. G’night.

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