Want to read a small selection from my upcoming script “Figment”? Well, here is a little bit:


Okay. See, you’re gonna have to pick up your partner tomorrow at 7:12 PM sharp, see. Because he can’t drive and he is kind of particular about the times that he goes in and out of his cell.


Wait a minute. Cell? Who is this person,

some kind of ex-con who is going to offer

me his insights into this case?


Uh, yeah. He currently resides at the

Chipper Valley Institute for the Deranged.


So, my partner is a fruitcake. Great.

I’m shooting to have the script in fiinal draft by the end of this month, and then casting will commence. Filming should go rather quickly, but it’s the editing that has me scared. Currently, editing for Baby Watchers is creeping along at a snail’s pace, only thank God that we are able to use the University computers for our benefit. Ah well, God will decide whether or not Baby Watchers is a success… so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, pray with all of your spiritual might that Jeremy and I are able to meet the deadline and get this baby edited (no pun intended). Peace out.

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