Hey soundman turn me up man let it surround them.

Except that I lack musical talents.

Well, in other news my van stopped to work. I was driving down the road and all of the sudden this noise like some kind of monkey was trapped under the hood of my car began thumping and whumping from the engine. Turns out that my main engine belt had shorn itself in half. Ah well, such is life. Today I am in a rut because I can’t go anywhere and do anything without exerting physical enegry i.e. riding a bike or walking. That bums me out. I went tubing just the other day with Tyler Cheadle, and that was great fun, we did it on the fabulous Maumee River, which is not only scenic, but also filled with polluted brown scum and floating logs. We hit some awesome waves and went into flying wipeouts half a dozen times before having burgers and going into Grand Rapids for ice cream. Then I went home and found out that my good buddy Mike called and so I called him back and caught up on his west coast adventures. It sounds like he is having more fun than TWO barrels of monkeys could contain. Last night I finally beat friggin Diablo II, only to find out that after vanquishing the demon lord that I could fight him again by playing through the game twice over on two higher difficulty levels. So I deleted it from my computer. I died more than 50 times facing Diablo, so, I wasn’t sad when I finally hewed the brute asunder with my special Great Axe. After downing a hundred elixers of health and having my Imp Suit armor repaired a dozen times, I finally yanked the danged soulstone from his dead carcass and smashed it on the Hellforge with the Hell Forge Hammer. Yep, all in a good day’s work.

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