Well I have officially spent the entire day sitting hunched up in front of a computer monitor, my neck is really stiff and sore and my back kills and my stomach is getting pudgy. I just drank some pop. I have done nothing of athletic virtue yet today besides giving swim lessons at 9:30am in unforgivably cold conditions. However, I have done a crap wagon full of work on the Baby Watchers website (sorry, it is not live yet), and I made a BW desktop, which is freaking cool. I also spent some time organizing my room, though it looks none better for it. I have been brushing up on my web-design skills, and also I learned some new stuff today, like how to make rollover graphics and other nice crap. Yep, I feel like a regular old comptuer whiz again. I didn’t watch any TV, nor any movies, didn’t play any games and generally made good use of all of my time today. I didn’t shower, I never changed out of my pajamas, I ate at irregular intervals, took a nap during dinner and had a dream about trespassing through the Historical Society Museum in the rain. All in all it has been a cool day, and I’m looking forward to another one like it tomorrow. The only problem is that I have to do something with the leftover garbage from our house, I don’t know what to do with it. I do regret sleeping through 519 though, that sucked. I’m getting really pooped out right now, but I still feel the urge to work more… well, I’m off to do that. G’night.

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