Still learning stuff.

Last night Def Leg played at the Lighthouse Youth Group. It was excelente! Afterwards I forgot to bring my sister home and went to see the concert video’s few minutes before the camera battery died. Then we took off to work on the alleged ‘horror’ script… and we got as far as a sketchy outline and character names. It’ll be cool if Jeremy keeps his zeal for it and doesn’t let ‘The Serpentine Kiss’ get too much in the way. Well either way I am looking forward to creating a sweeter website for the new film whatever it may end up being and also to make the company image for Everwood Pictures! Also Ever Drive 7 needs album art. Yeeeeeeeeeh! Visit Coke Music if you have a high bandwidth connection… it’s like AIM with figurines and jungles and crappy music loops. Also, today the School of Rock and Matrix Revolutions trailers were released. Check them out bairns!



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