I just got to go and see Man on the Train last night. It was an endearing movie and definitely had some of the best dialogue I’ve seen recently. “They’re getting on my nerves. On my tits, in fact.” says Jean Rochefort’s character at one point in reference to a pair of rowdy college kids. Billy Hallyday plays his diametrically opposed ‘partner’ of sorts. Rochefort plays the stoic retired professor who regrets never having pursued any adventure in his lifetime… he yearns for danger and excitement. Hallyday is tired and depressed, regretting his life of crime and drifting from one town to another, one relationship to another… feeling his age and yearning for simplicity, quiet peace and rest. They make a great pair on screen and it makes me all the more sad that Rochefort came down with illness during the filming of Don Quixote- he’s a fantastic actor.

Well, gotta go back to learning advanced Dreamweaver techniques!


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